Cyber Advisors


The IT Manager - Managed Services Team is to provide direct management oversight to engineers and technicians at Cyber Advisors Inc. as well as provide project management and technical oversight of on-boarding new managed service contracts. Responsible for business activities, scheduling and liaison with internal staff and vendors to ensure successful and timely delivery of managed services. The MSP Engineer Group and On-boarding Manager will work closely with services delivery teams to ensure that services are completed with consistent high quality, while ensuring that customer expectations are met or exceeded. We are looking for a person people who has strong leadership and project management skills, can solve problems creatively, and can communicate with clarity and kindness.

The primary duties of the IT Manager - Managed Services Team are the following:

  1. 1. Project Management and Technical onboarding of new clients
  2. 2. Maintain schedules and utilization of engineering staff
  3. 3. Maintain key processes and documentation for the MSP engineering staff
  4. 4. Provide direct management to support the careers of the engineering team
  5. 5. Establish and maintain customer service via remote and on-site ad-hoc and scheduled meetings and surveys

Other duties and responsibilities may include, but not limited to:


  • 1) Supervise team of Network Engineers and Technicians at Cyber Advisors in day-to-day tasks and schedules
  • 2) Make sure engineers follow the procedures and policies defined for their role and responsibilities
  • 3) Provide backup/second level support remotely and on-site to the engineers if on as needed basis
  • 4) Ensure engineers fill out the services logs at least twice a week
  • 5) Set new account primary/secondary assignments
  • 6) Provide guidance and direction to the technical services personnel to assist them in their professional development
  • 7) Conduct training necessary for professional development of the engineers and other technical personnel. Be responsible for the professional growth on engineers, provide development and training plans
  • 8) Ensure day-to-day business and training schedules
  • 9) Create performance metrics for the employees and monitor their business activities including ticket activity
  • 10) Identify and coordinate mentoring/shadowing opportunities. Maintain knowledge sharing
  • 11) Supervise after-hours call rotation
  • 12) Conduct engineering regular meetings, one-to-one and as a group – at least once a month.
  • 13) Foster collaboration between engineers
  • 14) Manage engineer’s time: vacations, days off, etc.
  • 15) Lead new client onboarding. Track and communicate onboarding project status with customers and internally to ensure expectations are clear and progress is being made. Work closely with delivery teams to ensure that customer engagements are completed with the highest consistent quality
  • 16) Support the creation of contracts as needed
  • 17) Performs other related duties as assigned.


  • 5+ years in a similar role
  • Desired 3+ years project management experience
  • Strong ability to handle client expectations and project scope during all stages of client engagement
  • Experience managing multiple projects with multiple work streams
  • Excellent written, oral, and interpersonal communication skills
  • Proven ability to manage complex schedules
  • Excellent written, oral, and interpersonal communication skills
  • Ability to conduct and direct research into IT issues and products
  • Ability to present ideas in business-friendly and user-friendly language
  • Highly self-motivated, self-directed, and attentive to detail
  • Ability to effectively prioritize and execute tasks
  • Experience working in a team-oriented, collaborative environment


Enthusiasm and Motivation:

The IT Manager - Managed Services Team is highly motivated, maintains high energy levels, drive and enthusiasm to achieve objectives.

Communication: Maintains and enhances communication and relationship skills at all levels. Understands the client relationship requirement. Able to communicate technical and business information to widely varied audiences.

Quality Control Review:

Reviews tasks to ensure quality meets or exceeds standards.

Team Work: Identifies with the business mission of CYBER ADVISORS INC. and is motivated to achieve that mission, recognizes and contributes to achievement of CYBER ADVISORS INC.’s overall objectives and is success orientated.

Business Focus: Maintains a business perspective to solutions developed and implemented. Maintains knowledge of strategic, conceptual, consultative selling.

Professionalism: Maintains consistently high standards, attention to details and strong analytical skills.

Flexibility: Maintains effectiveness in different situations and is receptive to new ideas.

Timely Response/Accessibility: Available when needed and responsive when called. Responds positively and quickly to client and CYBER ADVISORS INC.’s requirements and meets deadlines while at the same time effectively balances competing priorities. Ability to multi-task and be able to represent multiple subjects and products.

Judgment/Decision Making:

Is prepared to make independent decisions rather than defer. Makes decisions based on logical assumptions as well as demonstrates mature and balanced judgment. Has ability to develop a broad awareness of the client's technical architecture and emerging technologies with enough knowledge to determine what is and is not possible.

Knowledge: Keeps abreast of new products and services and delivery methods and passes knowledge of these on to others.

Pro-Active: Identifies problems and needs, proposes appropriate solutions, anticipates needs and responds accordingly.

Progress Reporting:

Pro-actively communicates issues and progress to management. Has ability to write proposals and document procedures. Seeks assistance when required.